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The conference will feature daily plenary sessions (including the Keynote Lectures and the Young Investigator Award Lecture), a variety of parallel symposia sessions (with invited lectures and open oral presentations) and poster sessions.


Keynote lectures

Prue H. Hart (West Perth, AU)
Sunlight-induced immunosuppression – how much is attributable to vitamin D?
Adele Green (Brisbane, AU)
Population studies in topical photoprotection
Serge Mordon (Lille, FR)
Light Emitting Fabrics: a new illumination device for Photodynamic Therapy
Hiro Ikehata (Sendai, JP)
Wavelength dependence of UV photolesion formation and mutagenesis in skin
Henrik Mouritsen (Oldenburg, DE)
Virgile Adam (Grenoble, FR)
2015: a light odyssey - From GFP to smart highlighters
  Gang Zheng (Toronto, CA)
Cancer theranostics for personalised photomedicine

Photophysics and photochemistry of PDT
Chair: Benjamin Ehrenberg (Ramat-Gan, IL), Norbert Lange (Geneva, CH)
Invited speakers: Benny Erhenberg (Ramat-Gan, IL), Muriel Barberi-Heyoub (Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, FR), Norbert Lange (Geneva, CH), David Russell (Norwich, UK)
Molecular and cellular aspects of PDT
Chair: Patrizia Agostinis (Leuven, BE), Jacques Piette (Liège, BE)
Invited speakers: Kristian Berg (Oslo, NO), Marc Fransen (Leuven, BE), Jacques Piette (Liège, BE), Valentina Rapozzi (Udine, lT)
Tissular and cellular resistence to PDT
Chair: Abhishek Garg (Leuven, BE), Pål Kristian Selbo (Oslo, NO)
Invited speakers: Abishek Garg (Leuven, BE), Imran Rizvi (Boston, US), Angeles Juarranz (Madrid, ES), Pal K Selbo (Oslo, NO)
Biomolecular aspects of topical PDT
Chair: Tayyaba Hasan (Boston, US), Dominic Robinson (Rotterdam, NL)
Invited speakers: Tayyaba Hasan (Boston, US), Dominic Robinson (Rotterdam, NL), Zvi Malik (Ramat-Gan, IL), Stine Wiegell (Copenhagen, DK)
Vascular and immunological aspects of PDT
Chair: Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska (Lausanne, CH)
Invited speakers: Jakub Golab (Warsaw, PL), Arjan W Griffioen (Amsterdam, NL), Tayyaba Hasan (Boston, US), Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska (Lausanne, CH)
The application and limitations of broad versus narrow wave-band /action spectra studies in photobiology
Chair: Thierry Douki (Grenoble, FR), Antony R. Young (London, UK)
Invited speakers: Edward de Fabo (Washington DC, US), Thierry Douki (Grenoble, FR), Peter Karran (Herts, UK), Anthony Young (London, UK)
New players in DNA repair and carcinogenesis in response to UVR
Chair: Regen Drouin (Sherbrooke, CA), Evelyne Sage (Paris, FR)
Invited speakers: Régen Drouin (Sherbrooke, CA), Michèle Martin (Evry, FR), Patrick Rochette (Québec, CA), Evelyne Sage (Paris, FR)
Melanin, melanoma and UV radiation (ESP-ESPCR Symposium)
Chair: Markus Böhm (Münster, DE), Lionel Larue (Orsay, FR)
Invited speakers: Francoise Bernerd (Clichy, FR), Markus Böhm (Münster, DE), Lionel Larue (Orsay, FR), Susana Puig (Barcelona, ES)
Cellular and molecular aspects of photoprotection
Chair: Luis O. Morales (Helsinki, FI), Rex M. Tyrrell (Bath, UK)
Invited speakers: Eva Hideg (Pécs, HU), Luis Morales (Helsinki, FI), Wilhelm Stahl (Düsseldorf, DE), Rex Tyrrell (Bath, UK)
UV and immunomodulation in cancer
Chair: Scott N. Byrne (Sydney, AU), Vivienne E. Reeve (Sydney, AU)
Invited speakers: Scott Byrne (Sydney, AU), Michele Grimbaldeston (Adelaide, AU), Vivienne Reeve (Sydney, AU), Thomas Tüting (Bonn, DE), Viktor Umansky (Heidelberg, DE)
Photobiological responses in different skin types
Chair: Françoise Bernerd (Clichy, FR), Henry W. Lim (Detroit, US)
Invited speakers: Sandra del Bino (Asnieres, FR), Henry W. Lim (Detroit, US), Thierry Passeron (Nice, FR), Antony Young (London, UK)
Obstacles and advances in the systemic photoprotection of skin cancer (ESP-ASP Symposium)
Chair: Santosh K. Katiyar (Birmingham, US), Lesley E. Rhodes (Manchester, UK)
Invited speakers: Homer S. Black (Houston, US), Craig Elmets (Birmingham, US), Gary Halliday (Sydney, AU), Santosh Katiyar (Birmingham, US), Lesley E. Rhodes (Manchester, UK)
Emerging drug photosensitivity – from chemist to clinic
Chair: Sally H. Ibbotson (Dundee, UK), Miguel A. Miranda (Valencia, ES)
Invited speakers: Daniel Bauer (Basel, CH), Sally Ibbotson (Dundee, UK), Miguel Miranda (Valencia, ES), David Lee Phillips (Hong Kong, HK), Joan Roberts (New York, US)
New light technologies in cutaneous photodiagnostics and phototreatment
Chair: Alexander V. Anstey (Newport, UK), Franz Trautinger (Sankt Pölten, AT)
Invited speakers: Alex Anstey (Newport, UK), Christopher Edwards (Newport, UK), Harry Moseley (Dundee, UK), Franz Trautinger (Sankt Pölten, AT), Peter Wolf (Graz, AT)
Research insights and new treatment developments in the photodermatoses (ESP-ESPD Symposium)
Chair: Gillian M. Murphy (Dublin, IE), Peter Wolf (Graz, AT)
Invited speakers: Elisabeth Minder (Zurich, CH), Gillian Murphy (Dublin, IE), Peter Wolf (Graz, Austria), Antony Young (London, UK), Salvador Gonzalez (Madrid, ES)
Environmental Antimicrobial PDT
Chair: Adelaide Almeida (Aveiro, PT), M. Amparo Faustino (Aveiro, PT), Tim Maisch (Regensburg, DE)
Invited speakers: Gilberto Braga (São Paulo, BR), Tim Maisch (Regensburg, DE), Graça Neves (Aveiro, PT), Kristjan Plaetzer (Salzburg, AT)
Global change and quantitative modelling of photobiological responses
Chair: Frank de Gruijl (Leiden, NL), Ann R. Webb (Manchester, UK)
Invited speakers: Frank de Gruijl (Leiden, NL), Susana Diaz (Buenos Aires, AR), Robyn Lucas (Canberra, AU), Ann Webb (Manchester, UK)
Solar energy – biofuels
Chair: Teresa Mata (Porto, PT), Massimo Trotta (Bari, IT)
Invited speakers: M. Fatih Demirbas (Trabzon, TR), Teresa Mata (Porto, PT), Andrea Sartorel (Padova, IT), Massimo Trotta (Bari, IT)
Environmental photochemistry (ESP-EPA Symposium)
Chair: Davide V. Vione (Torino, IT)
Invited speakers: Sasho Gligorovski (Marseille, FR), Ioannis Konstantinou (Patras, GR), Gilles Mailhot (Clermont-Ferrand, FR), Davide V. Vione (Torino, IT)
Plant UVB photoreceptors – orchestration of plant photoprotection
Chair: Gareth I. Jenkins (Glasgow, UK), Roman Ulm (Geneva, CH)
Invited speakers: Pedro J. Aphalo (Helsinki, FI), Gareth Jenkins (Glasgow, UK), Roman Ulm (Geneva, CH), Xiaojing Yang (Chicago, US)
The blue light syndrome (ESP-KSP Symposium)
Chair: Margaret Ahmad (Paris, FR), Francesco Lenci (Pisa, IT), , Pill-Soon Song (Jeju, KR)
Invited speakers: Margaret Ahmad (Paris, FR), Klaas Hellingwerf (Amsterdam, NL), Pill-Soon Song (Jeju, KR), Christof Taxis (Marburg, DE), Satoru Tokutomi (Osaka, JP), Wolfgang Wiltschko (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
New technologies to diagnose and treat blindness
Chair: Rosalie K. Crouch (Charleston, US), Joan E. Roberts (New York, US)
Invited speakers: Pablo Artal (Zaragoza, ES), Rosalie Crouch (Charleston, US), Yiannis Koutalos (Charleston, US), Jessica Dennison (Waterford, IE), Joan Roberts (New York, US)
Molecular engineering and delivery of photosensitisers – structural/functional relationship
Chair: Fabienne Dumoulin (Gebze Kocaeli, TR), Francesca Giuntini (Liverpool, UK)
Invited speakers: Engin Umut Akkaya (Ankara, TR), Ross Boyle (Kingston-upon-Hull, UK), Ian Eggleston (Bath, UK), Ravindra Pandey (Buffalo, US)
Photofunctional proteins
Chair: Andreas Möglich (Berlin, DE), Santi Nonell (Barcelona, ES)
Invited speakers: Alex Jones (Manchester, UK), Konstantin Lukyanov (Moscow, RU), Andreas Möglich (Berlin, DE), Rubén Ruiz (Barcelona, ES), John Spudich (Houston, US)
Photosensors as indicators of biochemical processes in vivo
Chair: Ranieri Bizzarri (Pisa, IT)
Invited speakers: Ranieri Bizzarri (Pisa, IT), Martin Stöckl (Konstanz, DE), Ilaria Testa (Göttingen, DE)
Femtobiology: ultrafast primary aspects in photobiological processes
Chair: Pascal Plaza (Paris, FR), Cristiano Viappiani (Parma, IT)
Invited speakers: John Kennis (Amsterdam, NL), Steve Meech (Norwich, UK), Pascal Plaza (Paris, FR), Cristiano Viappiani (Parma, IT)
Photobiology in industry
Chair: Douglas B. Learn (Horsham, US)
Invited speakers: Daniel Bauer (Basel, CH), Peter Kasper (Bonn, DE), Douglas B. Learn (Horsham, US), Prithwiraj Maitra (Skillman, US)